Video Transcription

How many times have you tried to uncork a bottle and ended up with pieces of cork in the wine because you tore it to pieces?

We’re going to make sure that NEVER happens again.

Uncorking doesn’t have to be complicated and certainly doesn’t require rocket science.

Here’s what I do.

How I Uncork Still Wine

When Katie and I are home and don’t want to waste any time before enjoying some deliciousness, I like to use a foil remover like this.

Set the remover on top, and then spin the bottle and remover in opposite directions.

Take off the remover, and you’ll see the foil underneath.

Toss it.

Now, I’ll grab my automatic cork remover. Place it on the bottle while holding the bottleneck, and let it rip.

Once the cork is out, hold down the button to get the cork out.

Now, if we’re going out to a party, I’ll bring this bad boy.

Use the blade to get under the lip and rotate like this, then like this.

I like to make a little slice on the side of the rim to get the foil off easier.

Toss it.

Now, pull out the corkscrew.

I push the corkscrew in the cork just off center and twist it in until I have about one notch left.

Pull the cork out like this.

If it’s a white, go ahead and start drinking.

But, if it’s a red, I always recommend decanting first.

How I Uncork Sparkling Wine

For sparkling, find the start of the foil and unwrap the top.

I like to keep my hand on the cork even with the cage still intact.

It should take you about 6-7 twists to get the cage off depending on your determination to start drinking.

Tilt the bottle like you’re holding a baby.

Hold the cork in one hand while slowly twisting the bottle.

I know you’re anxious but this isn’t a music video, and you don’t want to break anything.

Hear the Phut!? You’re ready to go.