Video Transcription

Tasting your wine before you drink is more than a fun ritual – it serves several purposes.

I taste for two reasons.

One, to make sure the wine isn’t bad.

Two, to get a sneak peek into what I’m drinking.

Tasting is pretty simple, and you’ll find that it helps draw you into the full experience of drinking wine.

My Way of Tasting Wine

I start by checking the wine out. How does it look?

Next, I’ll swirl it. This’ll unleash the smells.

If you’re new to swirling, here’s what to do.

Put the base of your glass on your palm and move the glass in circles, direction doesn’t matter.

Or, just put the glass on a flat service and do the same thing.

Don’t overdo it, though – you don’t want to lose your wine.

Stick your nose in the bowl of the glass after a few swirls and take a deep sniff to check out the smells. What do you think?

Does it smell like wet cardboard or vinegar? Don’t drink that wine!

But, if it makes you salivate, it’s time for my favorite part.

Take a sip. You can get fancy and slurp if you want, but it’s not necessary.

How’s that wine taste?


Alright, let’s not waste any more time then.