Howdy, wine drinker.

I created this website specifically for you – the guy or gal who appreciates wine for its flavor, character, and history, but doesn’t have the time to dedicate their lives to studying every little detail about it.

You know good wine when you taste it, but you don’t have the desire to spout off 27 tasting notes with each sip.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Your Last-Minute Scramble

You find yourself in a last-minute scramble to find a decent bottle of wine.

You know – that Saturday evening when you’re running late to your friend’s dinner party and need to show up with a bottle everyone will enjoy.

You’re already frustrated because you know finding something good can be hit-or-miss if you haven’t invested some time to research the right bottle.

Your struggle is real – I know because I’ve been there countless times myself…

You get on your phone, do a quick search for red wine and steak pairing.

The Google results are overwhelming, so you just click on the first article.

Then after scrolling through thousands of words (who has time to read all that?), you find the one – the wine that all 10 sommeliers agree is a great pair with steak.

Your Wine Store Nightmare

Perfect! Phone in hand, you walk into the wine store and ask the first wine specialist to direct you to your lucky bottle.

You hold up your phone and show them the wine because there’s no way you’re going to begin trying to pronounce it.

Of course, you know how this plays out.

They don’t carry that particular wine, but they can suggest one that’s almost as good.

You figure they know what they’re talking about, so why not, right?

The Look of Disappointment

You buy the wine, uncork it at your friend’s place, and give it a taste.

Right away, you know it’s a dud.

No one says anything to be polite, but you can see the look on their faces…

All of that effort and you end up with a bottle you don’t enjoy or even wanted in the first place.

I remember vividly the last time this happened to me.

I was so frustrated I decided that I would never go through that again.

If I’m going to drink wine, I want it to taste good. And if I’m going to spend money on a higher priced bottle, it better be worth it.

Do you agree?

If so, you’re in the right place.

A Place for Wine Drinkers

All the information on wine that you could possibly need is available online.

The problem is that your fun hobby of enjoying good wine turns into a life-consuming endeavor when you try to dig through all of that information.

There are no solutions for the everyday wine drinker who simply wants to find good wine pairings and learn a few key facts about the wine they drink.

That’s where I come in.

I want to give you a place where learning, drinking, and pairing wine is easy and fun!

I’m still learning wine myself, so I can relate to you more than the typical wine expert.

Let’s Start Here

To help you get started, I’ve created some videos to show you the Basics. I’m talking about the need-to-know stuff without all of the fluff.

You know – uncorking, decanting, serving, and even cleaning your glassware.

However, what you’re really going to love are my ongoing wine pairings.

I buy wine, pair it, and share the experience with you in a short video.

No BS, no wine snob talk – just fun, relatable, and informative videos about wines you should check out (or not, I’ll keep it honest!).

Plus, I’ll let you know where you might be able to purchase the wine and tell you a couple of fun facts that you can share at your next dinner party.

Now you finally have a go-to source when you need to find and pair good wine.

Are you ready to get started?

I’m Jacob, and I want you to drink more wine.