Video Transcription

Have you ever noticed that your red tastes better as you get further down the bottle?

Decanting your red immediately after opening will allow you to get the full, robust flavor from the very first sip.

Decanting isn’t complicated, but I’ve seen different methods.

I’m going to show you mine.

Decanting a Bottle of Wine

Drinking white wine? No need to decant.

But, if you’re drinking red, I always recommend it.

Because… why not get the full experience?

Rather than leaving the wine sitting in the bottle, it’s better to get those smells moving.

And, in fuller reds you’ll probably notice sediment in the bottle, so decanting helps keep that out of your glass.

Grab your opened bottle.

Grab your decanter.

Hold one in each hand and tilt them towards one another, like you’re forming a pyramid.

If it’s too cumbersome use a table to support the decanter.

I like for the wine to hit as much surface as I can, so I get the bottle nice and close to the top.

Let it rip.

Leave about a thumb size of wine in your bottle to keep the sediment out.

Now grab that decanter and swirl it around like this.

I like to stick my nose in to get a preview of what’s coming…

I Aerate Wine on the Fly With a Soirée

Don’t have time to decant? This Soirée is your secret weapon.

I use this to aerate wine on the fly.

Put it in the bottle, flip into your glass, and watch the magic happen.

Now you’re ready to start serving.