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Do you need a wine ‘drinker’ to feature on your show or web column? I’m happy to contribute!

We can talk about wine tasting, food pairings, the wine industry, or anything else wine-related.

I Don’t Like to Just Speak. I Also LOVE to Listen.

The next time you need a wine presentation that the casual wine drinker can relate to – call on me.

Similar to my pairing videos, I take an informative approach that’s fun, engaging, and relatable for wine drinkers who aren’t sommeliers-in-training.

I Will Help You Sell More Wine.

How many marketing consultants truly understand the wine industry? My passion for wine, mixed with my professional background in marketing and technology, allow me to offer strategies and tactics that can help your business attract more wine drinkers and ultimately sell more wine.

I Will Pair Your Wine.

Do you want me to pair your wine? Great! It’s simple. Shoot me an email, we’ll connect, you send me your wine, I taste it, and if I think I can pair it – I’ll pair it in a video.

Sounds like a blast, right?!

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