Video Transcription

The glassware you use and the way you clean your glassware both have a big influence on your wine-drinking experience.

One of the best parts about drinking wine is the glassware.

I love me some good wine in a Riedel because the thin rim allows for a smooth transition from glass to tongue.

But, they are tender, so Katie cleans them because my large hands tend to break them.

I recommend only washing by hand and using minimal soap because excess soap will leave a filmy residue on your glass.

Cleaning Wine Glasses

For cleaning wine glasses, I turn the heat up and clean the rim using a small soapy sponge.

Clean the rim to get the lips off.

Rinse with hot water a few times.

Then, dry with a lint-free cloth like this one so your glass stays clear and sparkling.

Boom. All done.

Cleaning Decanters

Decanters require a little extra work.

Turn your water on cold and rinse the inside a few times to get the excess wine out.

Now, turn it on hot and wash the outside with a soapy sponge.

Doing this keeps your decanter from fogging up. No one likes a foggy decanter.

There you go – your glassware will stay clean and pristine for years to come.