A Little About Me…

I love wine – you can probably relate.

I have a knack for spotting good wines and making incredible food pairings that I share with you.

But I wasn’t always good at this. In fact, I never imagined myself being the go-to wine guy for all my family and friends.

Growing up in the 90’s, I spent my childhood outdoors playing sports. I played everything from baseball to soccer.

I loved it, and I was pretty good too.

Katie (my wife who I couldn’t imagine life without and love SO much) even found an old journal of mine from elementary school, where I predicted my future as a world-class hockey player.

That didn’t happen. It turns out sports weren’t really “my thing.”

I did well in school, always overachieving and aiming for the highest grades. But I really had no clue what career to pursue.

I bounced around majors and eventually graduated with a degree in business. After failing to find a career path that excited me, I decided to go back to school and get my MBA.

Way to solve the problem, I know…

Eventually, I did find a career that I enjoyed. I oversee the marketing for a tech company – it’s fun, challenging, and rewarding.

But deep down, I’ve always known it wasn’t “my thing.”

I wanted to do something with my life that sparked my passion.

Something I could completely throw myself into.

And, especially, something that would bring value to others.

The Bottle of Wine That Changed My Life

Finally, one night in 2016, it hit me…

It was the night I got to open a bottle of Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Boudots 2005.

This Pinot Noir brought tears to my eyes.

That was the night I realized how much I love wine – and that I want to drink more wine, forever.

Wine is “my thing.”

And I’m super stoked to share it with you.

My hope is that by making wine more approachable and fun, you will also want to drink more wine – and actually enjoy it every time!

Much love,