Quinta da Pellada Dão Álvaro Castro Branco 2016 & Easy Grilled Mahi Mahi Pairing


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Video Transcription

Howdy, wine drinker.

I’m Jacob from I Want You to Drink More Wine.

Today, I’ll be sharing an honest wine review and suggesting a pairing that complements this wine perfectly.

Today we got a light, refreshing, healthy pairing I think you’re going to enjoy.

This is my first time pairing this type of wine we have for you, but I love the dish that we’re going to do.

It’s a popular dish down here in Florida.

One of my all time favorites.

Let’s go ahead.

Check out our wine.

Quinta da Pellada Dão Álvaro Castro Branco 2016

So we’ve got a 2016 Dão.

This is an Álvaro Castro.

This is a white Branco Portuguese white wine.

We got a decent blend here.


I’m expecting 13% alcohol, but it should be light, refreshing, zesty, a good mix with this pairing we have, which we did a little twist on.

Easy Grilled Mahi Mahi

So I’ve got here my fork already ready to roll.

I don’t want to tilt it too much, because there’s some nice juices in there.

We’ve got an easy grilled Mahi Mahi for you.

I think there were seven different seasonings on this.

We’ve got olive oil, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, it goes on–garlic powder, onion powder, a nice mix.

We did a little twist on this.

So, I really like cooking in a cast iron skillet.

We went ahead and did this grilled Mahi on the cast iron.

Similar cooking structure, in my opinion.

Nice, fresh heat.

You could bake it too, if you’d want.

Let’s go ahead, pour us a glass of this wine, and check out this pairing.

So I’m going to use my Coravin today.

If you want to give one of these a try, I have them on the wine store through the website.

Got this Dão Branco white wine from Portugal.

Oh tasty.

Definitely light, zesty, very refreshing.

Now depending on who you are, you could try it real cold or you can warm it up a little bit to get more of the flavors.

Looks like I got a little cork in there.

Very delicious wine.

Let’s go ahead and see how it goes with the fish.

Very flaky, delicious Mahi.

Oh perfect.

Give It a Try!

Now the trick with this wine, is you’re going to want a lean fish–Mahi, cod, I would probably stay away from salmon.

But Mahi, with this Álvaro Castro 2016 Portuguese Branco white wine–Vivino has it, three and a half stars.

Kick that bad boy up to a four with this Mahi pairing.

Average price $18.99.

Go ahead, get that wine right up there.

Go ahead, get that recipe.

If you’re going to try that easy grilled Mahi Mahi or cast iron skillet, get that recipe right there.

Try it.

Let me know what you think.

And until our next pairing, take care.

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