Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2014 & Bacon-And-Egg Pizza Pairing



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Video Transcription

Howdy, wine drinker.

I’m Jacob from I Want You to Drink More Wine.

Today, I’ll be sharing an honest wine review and suggesting a pairing that complements this wine perfectly.

Today, we’re going to be pairing a Washington State dry Riesling and a pizza, but it’s not your ordinary pizza.

This pairing, I think, is going to knock your socks off.

Let’s go ahead and check out our wine.

Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2014

We’ve got a 2014 Kung Fu Girl.

This is going to be a dry Riesling out of Washington State.

Now, the reason I chose this wine is the label.

It’s cool.

But also, I’ve been wanting to do a Washington State Riesling for a while.

And I wanted to do something interesting, because I’ve had this bottle of wine for a little bit.

But I said, we’re going to save this wine for an interesting, exact, different pairing.

So what I have in store for you is different.

What do you think we’re going to pair?

Bacon-And-Egg Pizza

Check it out–a bacon and egg pizza.

The base is not tomato sauce.

It’s actually crème fraiche.

So it was a fun experience, very intricate in how we made the egg.

I’m looking forward to trying this, both of these individually, then together.

Let’s go ahead and take a swig of our wine and see how the wine is.

It’s a decent wine for the price–inexpensive, I’ll tell you about that a little bit.

Let’s go ahead and try the pizza.


The flavors are awesome.

I don’t know if you could see it, but we have nice pieces of bacon on the pizza as well, and there’s brie and mozzarella.


Oh, wow.

So I was not expecting that.

I thought the pairing was going to be good, but the acidity and everything cuts through that cheese.

This is a rock-on, solid pairing.

You have to try this.

Get that bacon and egg pizza pairing–the recipe right there on Vivino 3.8. $12.49 average price for this Kung Fu Girl Riesling out of Washington State.

Try it.

Let me know.

Many buying options.

And until our next video, take care.

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