Toasted Head Chardonnay 2015 & Yemisir Wot (Berbere Lentils) Pairing



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Video Transcription

Howdy, wine drinker.

I’m Jacob from I Want You to Drink More Wine.

Today, I’ll be sharing an honest wine review and suggesting a pairing that complements this wine perfectly.

Let’s go ahead and check out our wine.

Toasted Head Chardonnay 2015

Today, we have a Toasted Head barrel-aged Chardonnay.

This is going to be out of California.

This is a 2015.

Now, I’ve heard quite a bit of positive reviews about this wine, so I was curious.

For the price, everybody’s saying it’s really good.

I said, let’s give it a try.

And I’m super excited to give this a try because I’m even more excited about the pairing that we have for you today.

Let’s get a nice little shot real quick.

Let’s go ahead and check out our pairing.

Yemisir Wot (Berbere Lentils)

Now, excuse me on the pronunciation.

My pronunciation isn’t that good.

This dish is delicious.

If you like Ethiopian food, this is a great vegetarian dish.

This is yemisir wot–I believe that’s how it’s pronounced.

Let’s go ahead, crack open this wine, pour us a glass, and try this.

So you can see here I have my Toasted Head Chardonnay, and I have it in a Chardonnay Riedel.

This is a nice glass.

This is actually my first time ever having chardonnay in a Riedel designed for chardonnay.

Oh, wow.

That’s really good.

It’s not super complex, but it’s a nice delicious chardonnay.

I like the acidity, the feel in the mouth.

Let’s give a bite of this yemisir wot, which essentially translates, by the way, to red lentil stew, I believe.

And this was our first time creating the injera.

The first round wasn’t that great.

But as I started doing it more, it got a lot better.

An Ethiopian and Wine Pairing Worth Trying!

If you like eating with your hands, you’re going to love this food.

Let me give this a swig.


It makes the spices pronounced, but it’s not to the point where it adds flame to make it uncomfortable.

It’s a really good pairing.

This one felt like it could be a little tricky to me.

But the chardonnay actually–that oakiness kind of like coats your mouth, but the flavors are brought out in the red lentils, in the Berbere, I believe it’s pronounced–the spices, It’s a spice mix.

I definitely recommend that you try this.

I can’t wait to finish eating this.

Get the recipe right here for the spices, the red lentil stew.

Try it.

And if you’re going to get this Toasted Head Chardonnay,

Vivino says 11.99.

Several buy-in options.

It’s a pretty decent scroll.

Let me know what you think of this pairing.

And until our next video, take care.

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