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Video Transcription

Howdy, wine drinker.

I’m Jacob from I Want You to Drink More Wine.

In this video, I’m going to give an honest wine review and suggest a pairing that complements this wine perfectly.

Today, I’m excited about this pairing, because we’re pairing a Pinotage and a South African dish.

Can you guess what the dish is?

Let’s check out our wine.

MAN Pinotage Bosstok 2014

We have a 2014 Man Pinotage.

This is going to be out of South Africa.

And the reason I chose this is, I haven’t actually paired a Pinotage before.

So I said, why don’t we pair it with a South African dish?

Let’s check out our pairing.

Bunny Chow

Check this out.

What we have here is known as bunny chow.

From my understanding and what we’ve cooked, it’s chicken, a bunch of deliciousness, tomatoes, potatoes, and then you cut out some bread and dump the chow in there.

So let’s go ahead and check it out and see how it goes with this Pinotage.

I’m excited, never had it before.

Let’s see what it’s like.

I have our Pinotage here.

I just want to give it a try before we take a bite.

Pretty tasty, mmm.

This should be interesting.

So this seemed like a little bit too much for me to take a bite right out of the bread and the mix of it.

So I cut up a little piece, got all the flavors on it, and let’s see what it’s like.

Bunny Chow for the Win

Mmm, bunny chow for the win.

This is tasty.

Now, one thing I liked about this wine is that the back of the wine bottle tells you the good food to pair it with.

And it said, risotto, I think there was spicy–excuse me, sweet, spicy dishes–and then the last one was chicken pie.

So I think this is similar, but we one-upped it and we had bunny chow.

So let’s try this.

This is very good.

So the interesting thing about this is the wine has high acidity, which means all that acidity is going to create the saliva in your mouth, but it’s going to cut through all those different ingredients of the bunny chow, the seasoning.

C’Mon, Have Some Bunny Chow!

It’s impressive, and I think you should try this.

And if you are going to try this bunny chow and the Pinotage pairing, get the recipe right here.

And if you’re going to pick up the wine, Vivino has it–average, $10.36–under $11 you can pick this up for.

I see Chan’s Wine World has it online for $9.99, so you can get it even a little less expensive than the average price.

Or I picked it up at Lucky’s Mart.

If you do try this pairing, let me know in the comments below.

And until our next video, take care.

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